Friday, December 21, 2012

Brethren ‎- Alienated and Radicalized

Freak Animal Records has released a cd from American Noise/ Industrial band Brethren. From the Freak Animal website- "Alienated and Radicalized" delivers guaranteed Brethren. A solid 40-minute album with song after song of memorable and striking assaults. Each track consists of carefully constructed noise loops. rhythms. throbbing synthesizers. spoken word samples and trademark. aggressive vocals. Well-structured and song-like assaults make each individual song stand strong. No song is clouded with muddiness and instead. each is sharp with noisy. ripping power. Vocals spit the words with clear articulation and each sound element is heard in its full energy. Nothing in this album is particularly vulgar or offensive. The message. language and artwork doesn't attempt to offend the enemy with tasteless provocations. but simply manifests the conviction and life mission of Brethren. Freak Animal is proud to present this album packaged with no less than a 20-page. full-color booklet including artwork and all the lyrics.   

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