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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Cuts And Bones - Geboren um zu kämpfen

Cuts and Bones is a band that has been featured on various compilations over time. Fronted by a female vocalist which is rare in Germany, the band has decided to record a full length cd. The cd titled Geboren Um Zu Kampfen has been released as a limited edition 500 copy digi pack. A sample from a previous compilation is posted below

Solidaritat Cd

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

In Review: Pagan Flame- Symbole de Vie et de Lumière

    Band: Pagan Flame
    Album: Symbole de Vie et de Lumière
    Country of origin: Calixa-Lavallée, Québec, Canada
    Label: Wolftyr Records
    Style: Pagan/Black Metal
    Length: 52:49

Seeing that this band is young, with only two previous releases I am shocked to say I was blown away from beginning to end. With the pagan metal label I was not expecting this, this is true to black metal in nature along with a depressive broad atmosphere. After a captivating intro, the second track "La Victoire du Marteau" starts out with a marching sound and goes straight into a relentless blast that sucks you right into the atmosphere then fades into a Forteresse style lead. A brutal drum roll trances into the vocals and turns into a depressive harmony which speaks for itself. There is even a trace of Burzum later in the second track. When I reached the end I thought it would be hard to top this... but then track three came on. Titled "Terre des Loups", it crushed the second track with a broad wall of dark sound and primitive yet intriguing drums. It stabs at the soul. It was slightly repetitious but not to much, just long enough to sink into the atmosphere. The lead on the second riff was untouchable, literally. Normally you don't hear bass stand out in music but in the third track it stood out and completed the atmosphere, especially during the clean vocals. That is one of my personal fav tracks on the album and the song left me thinking where could they possibly go next. Then came track four entitled "La Forêt d'Or". It started out with a intro of birds chirping and sounds of nature, which traced itself into a atmospheric blast in unparalleled portions. The vocalist always makes himself known at the right times, especially in this track. The riff changes in this song are extreme along with warlike keyboards throughout the song with clean and screaming vocals duet which add more. This song will get you lost in the atmosphere. When you think the song can't get any better the acoustic guitars come in and continue from the previous riff into something more dark right back into where the song left off. Onto track five entitled "Un Autre Rouge Équinoxe". This track you will have to hear to believe, it is 11 minutes of pure dark energy. The guitars blend into each other beautifully, reminding me of Walknut. It`s very trance like and to the point in a repetitive way. It is very interesting how they mix minor riffing and a broad feeling of triumph at the same time. The keyboards are hidden but they add to the overall atmosphere. They have a unique sound in this track. Once again the acoustic guitars come in and take the song in a different direction, with acoustic harmonies and keys buried underneath. Every time they pull this off they know exactly how to get the songs blood flowing once again, a great track. Then comes track 6 entitled "Les Porteurs de l'Ancienne Flamme" It starts out with a few keyboards that break the tracks up well and the way it builds up in this track is perfect. There are no vocals for a while in this track, the atmosphere does the talking itself. when the vocals finally come in it has a strong Wotanorden feel, I was very excited about this. They definitely do this there own way. Then onto the last track of the album entitled "Symbole de Vie et de Lumière"- the title track It was a perfect way to end this epic album. I highly suggest this to anyone who is fans of Walknut, Wotanorden, Bathory, Or even Nokturnal Mortum. The whole album is genius in it self. You can purchase this cd through wolftyr productions.

~Review by Erik Thyshadows~ 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Empire Falls/ Better Dead Than Red split CD & Better Dead Then Red- Live & Loud

Available now through Iron Clad Records

Empire Falls/ Better Dead Than Red Split cd: 12 brand new songs! No re recordings 

Better Dead Than Red- Live & Loud: Limited to 200 hand signed copies. Pro cover, hand signed and numbered CD's

RAC & Rall Radio Acoustic Session

Graveland- Thunderbolts Of The Gods Digi cd/ Gatefold LP

Rotten Apples & Bleed

Out now on MFS:

Rotten Apples- Music To Polish Your Boots To: 1OO% Scottish oi! that is played how it should be, with aggression. This album well and truly puts these boys on the Oi! map of Britain. Limited to 500 hand numbered copies only, in digi pack format with nice 8 page booklet!

Bleed- Hooligan Element: These northern drunk punks are back with some chaos filled punk rock that will not disappoint. Limited to 500 hand numbered copies only, in digi pack format with nice 16 page booklet!

Blue Eyes Video Magazine

Tożsamościowca Magazine #1

Tożsamościowca Magazine is a new magazine in A5 format. 64 pages of articles, interviews, reviews and more. For ordering info contact

Tormentia- Boreal Festival 2012 DVD

Arysan - War Made Flesh and Terror 88 - Ready To Fight MCD

New releases from Wewelsburg Rex include Arysan - War Made Flesh and Terror 88 - Ready To Fight MCD. Arysan is a project by Jesse from Deaths Head, Terror 88 is a band from Serbia with their first official release. Both cds are strictly limited to 666 (Arysan) and 500 (Terror 88) copies and both come with a nice designed booklet

Friday, June 14, 2013

Sturmwehr/ Überzeugungstäter - Split Album

Posted now is a preview for the upcoming Sturmwehr/ Überzeugungstäter split cd on OPOS Records. Both bands are contributing 5 tracks each for a full 45 minutes of top quality German RAC

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cult Of Hatred- Times Of Darkness

Midgard is proud to broaden the resistance music genre with this Heavy Metal band. Their very first song was released on Nordland 7, and now we present their debut album. Musically if you take a portion of Frostfödds lyrics and mix it with some Judas Priest and hey presto, you've come pretty close to Cult Of Hatred. Are you a fan of the old Swedish scene, you will surely appreciate this, but as you know Heavy Metal is timeless, so we are sure that it appeals to most. Complete with fat guitar riffs, roaring and really strong ballads and a booklet containing all the texts. The lyrics are refined and personal, and resembles very much the Blue Brigades or Frost Born - in other words, social criticism, but also suitable for the less radical crowd! Limited to 500 copies.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Slavic Hardcore Compilation

First Line Moscow and Right Hardcore Crew present the Slavic Hardcore Compilation. This cd will be limited to 500 copies and features 18 previously unreleased tracks by 12 bands. Bands included are Presumption of Innocence, HeadShot, Kamaedzіtsa, Dassler, Muckrakers, Painful Story, Black Sun, First Front Line, Out Of Control, Last Page, Shoot On Sight, Immortal Spirit, Khorss. 

Extreme Hatred- Visualize World Hatred

New Extreme Hatred compilation out now. This cd features over 20 songs digitally remastered including all the classics as well as rare and demo tracks. Contact for ordering info

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Révület - Tisztítótűz (Hivatalos Video)

Posted is a brand new video from Hungary`s Revulet.This is a very nice video accompanied by a great sounding song and I look forward to hearing more from them.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Griffin & Vinland Warriors

PC Records has the Griffin & Vinland Warriors split out now. This was recorded in 2011 but nevertheless features 9 songs never before heard. There are 5 tracks from Griffin and 4 new songs from Vinland Warriors. A 12 page booklet is included and once again features a cover drawn by Griffin

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Deathkey ‎- Segmented God Plane Extrapolation

Deathangle Absolution Records has released an over sized double cassette box from US power noise/ electronic act Deathkey. This is an 11 track compilation which can be purchased by contacting:

Endless Struggle - The Beginning (Demo Snippet)

Endless Struggle is a new project featuring members of Brainwash.Sound samples posted

Legion Of Thor - Wir Wollen Leben

Sound samples for the upcoming Legion Of Thor cd- Wir Wollen Leben are posted now on soundcloud here. Look for the cd to be released soon on Rebel Records

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dub Bok- Under The Solar Sign 7"

Out now on Frenteuropa is a 3 track 7" ep from Dub Bok. There are 2 experimental ambient tracks as well as a special cover of Burzum 'jesu Dod'. This is limited to 300 copies in red wax. Sound sample posted here

Nocturnal Fear/ Seges Findere Split

Due out this fall on Moribund Cult will be a split release from legendary US thrashers Nocturnal Fear and Brazilian War Metal band Seges Findere. There will be 4 new songs from Nocturnal Fear and 2 new songs from Seges Findere.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

RAC & Rall Radio

RAC & Rall Radio have new episodes online now! Listen here

Romantikus Eroszak 20 Year Anniversary

Hungarian band Romantikus Eroszak have several new things coming up for their 20 year anniversary. Future plans include a Best Of cd as well as a concert series

Makss Damage- 2033

German Rechsrap artist Makss Damage has announced plans to release his first cd available to purchase. The following is reposted from his site here

Hail to you!
I announce official: The first Makss Damage album for the end of 2013.
The album will be titled "2033". For the first time MD music will be available for purchase.
A great cover, an interesting booklet, and 14-16 Brütal mastered songs will justify the few euros. Maybe the album will also contain a bonus DVD with exclusive video footage. Previously, there will be a music video for one of the album tracks. This seems likely in the summer. In addition to MD-shirts, live performances are now also finally scheduled.

"2033" is to give the starting signal for the final establishment of the Rechtsrap in Germany!

With our greeting

Alongside this was the previous announcement that what is probably his most popular song- Antideutsche Hurensöhne 2 (2013) is now available for free download as well as posted on you tube and more. Links for this can be found here