Saturday, June 1, 2013

Makss Damage- 2033

German Rechsrap artist Makss Damage has announced plans to release his first cd available to purchase. The following is reposted from his site here

Hail to you!
I announce official: The first Makss Damage album for the end of 2013.
The album will be titled "2033". For the first time MD music will be available for purchase.
A great cover, an interesting booklet, and 14-16 Brütal mastered songs will justify the few euros. Maybe the album will also contain a bonus DVD with exclusive video footage. Previously, there will be a music video for one of the album tracks. This seems likely in the summer. In addition to MD-shirts, live performances are now also finally scheduled.

"2033" is to give the starting signal for the final establishment of the Rechtsrap in Germany!

With our greeting

Alongside this was the previous announcement that what is probably his most popular song- Antideutsche Hurensöhne 2 (2013) is now available for free download as well as posted on you tube and more. Links for this can be found here 

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  1. the album is out now. its very good (well if you dont understand german than propably not but maybe it inspires some english speaking rap artist to drop their NS stuff on that level). here is the snippet:
    here is the video to "Enazeti Mcee" (NAZI- MC). this video was several times deleted from youtube so dont be fooled by the low viewer rate right now. Its the game they play...