Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cult Of Hatred- Times Of Darkness

Midgard is proud to broaden the resistance music genre with this Heavy Metal band. Their very first song was released on Nordland 7, and now we present their debut album. Musically if you take a portion of Frostfödds lyrics and mix it with some Judas Priest and hey presto, you've come pretty close to Cult Of Hatred. Are you a fan of the old Swedish scene, you will surely appreciate this, but as you know Heavy Metal is timeless, so we are sure that it appeals to most. Complete with fat guitar riffs, roaring and really strong ballads and a booklet containing all the texts. The lyrics are refined and personal, and resembles very much the Blue Brigades or Frost Born - in other words, social criticism, but also suitable for the less radical crowd! Limited to 500 copies.

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