Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ricks Pick: Nokturnal Mortum- Voice Of Steel

This weeks pick has been a long time coming. Up until now I just haven`t been able to sit and write about it as I wanted and still with this I do not think I will be able to completely justify it.

Let me start by saying I am not a huge black metal fan, and I also have never really been much into Nokturnal Mortum. Up until this past year the only NM cd I had was the double cd compilation 10 Years Amongst The Sheep, and honestly there was not much on the cd I could get into. Never the less I knew about some of the NS ties the band has so on a whim I picked up their newest cd Voice Of Steel when it was released and I am glad I did. Simply put, this cd has got to be one of the greatest cd`s I have ever heard! If you also are not much into black metal or have never really been into NM you have nothing to fear. Voice Of Steel is not a black metal cd, it is more or less pagan metal with folkish, ambient, and even blues/ psychedelic rock elements. It is also epic on so many levels and I have never had a cd hit me the way this one did on first listen. I was literally awe struck and found myself over and over throughout the entire cd saying "Holy sh*t this is amazing!!" (I have to note- my personal favorite is the song Ukraine) Once again, if you have never been into NM before do not fear, this is a cd that transcends so many styles and is just a beautifully epic masterpiece.

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  1. Nokturnal Mortum, in my opinion, is one of the best names in National Socialist Black Metal. This album displays their impressive progress in their art in which they have clearly perfected on "Voice of Steel". It is the best album I own and heightens my aniticipation for their next album. I highly recommend it!