Thursday, August 6, 2009

NEWS: New Clothing Line. IN REVIEW: Pure Hate, Blood Order Co and Pitbull Farm

Vocalist Major Williams, of Brainwash, has announced the production of a brand new clothing line, Dryve By Suizhyde. When we got the chance to speak with the Major about the new apparel line this week, he stated he was very excited about several new designs coming out in the near future. To check out other designs visit HERE.

Pure Hate: My Enemy

Good solid release from this Polish hardcore/ metalcore band. My only gripe is that there's only 5 songs and it's a mini-CD, other than that it'd definitely worthy of picking up. Songs sung in Polish and English. ~Steve Skam
Track list-
01- My Enemy
02- Czas Nienawisci
03- Wiecznosc
04- Blood 4 Blood
05- Nowa Generacja

Blood Order Company: s/t
(2008 Final Stand records)

Awesome debut album from this NS hatecore/ viking metalcore outfit hailing from Pennsylvania. I've been listening to this album in anticipation of their new one that's coming out soon. Flawless would be a word that best describes this band's arsenal. Pick this up if you haven't already, satisfaction guaranteed. ~Steve Skam
Track list-
01- Enter The Halls Of Valhalla
02- Knight's Cross
03- March To War
04- Old Glory
05- Heritage
06- Farewell (prelude)
07- Open Sea
08- A New Land
09- Mjollnir
10- In The Halls Of Valhalla

Pitbull Farm: s/t
(2002 Pitbull Farm records)

Rad psychobilly project and very catchy album by Jocke Karlson of Pluton Svea fame. If you're musically open minded and are looking for something different i highly recommend this one, you'll find yourself taping your feet and singing along in no time. Not to mention there's a few covers, most notably Skullhead's "Wish The Lads Were Here" making this one a classic for sure. ~Steve Skam
Track list-
01- Army Of Assholes
02- Die Tired
03- Love Song
04- Jesse James
05- Human Erection
06- I Wanna See You Dead
07- Wish The Lads Were Here
08- Deranged Desperado
09- Thursday Is Friday
10- Don't Think Twice
11- Hillbilly Hepcat

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