Thursday, August 20, 2009

IN REVIEW: White Devils, Titania & Antisystem and IPVOX

Titania/ Antisystem: We Are Here To Create Our Own Fate
(2006 Strong Survive records)

Awesome split cd featuring Sweden's Titania and Russia's Antisystem. While both bands carry their weight Titania really steals the show with their musical craftsmanship and different/ in your face way of discussing the problems that plague today's society. Highly recommended for fans of intelligent lyrics and well played melodic hardcore for Nationalists. ~Steve Skam
Track list:
01- Intro
02- Media
03- Broken Generation
04- Till Dig Som Forsvann
05- Nu Gudar Oss Kaller
06- Folk Mot Folk
07- Discover Your TV
08- Not For Sale
09- Anti-system Fighter
10- Paradise For Parasites
11- Dirty Politicians
12- Don't Ask Us Why
13- Gods Of War
Ipvox: Dissident 2.0
(2007 Alternative-S)

This is a pretty good release that took me by surprise, seeing it's typically not a genre that I listen to, at all. I'd classify this as a hybrid mix of industrial, techno, and rock & roll with heavily NS influenced vocals in French. If you're in the market to try something different, this will probably be it. ~Steve Skam
Track list:
01- Agir Pour Ne Pas Subir
03- Creer
04- Odysseus
05- L'art De La Manipulation
06- Archeofuturisme
07- L'exemple
08- Creativite (remix - instrumental)
09- Archeofuturisme (remix - instrumental)
10- L'art De La Manipulation (remix - instrumental)

White Devils: Manifesto Of Resistance
(2008 Strong Survive records)

I highly empathize the word heavy to describe this Polish metalcore bands latest release. Lots of mosh-part breakdowns and neckbreaking singalong choruses sung in both Polish and English. This CD is sure to please fans of Konkwista 88, SOL, Honor, and the likes. ~Steve Skam

Track list:
01- Czas Rewolucji
02- Monster
03- Honour
04- Thousand Deaths
05- Narodowe Sily Zbrojne
06- Face Your Fate
07- Lusting For Death
08- Those Times Are Gone
09- Damned To Corruption
10- Hail Bialy Diable
11- The End

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