Saturday, August 22, 2009

Gone South, Kreuzfeuer, Sharon Tate, Octobre, Murder In Society, Stay True

Chris of Midtown Bootboys and Downright Hateful has announced a new band titled Gone South. The music is quoted as being "alcohol powered rock 'n roll," whith several samples available HERE.

OPOS records is reportedly beginning works on a tribute compilation to Kreuzfeuer, the popular German death metal band that featured members of Brainwash. So far the CD titled "Kreuzfeuer Tribute" features many several bands yet to be announced.

The debut CD by metal outfit Sharon Tate is scheduled to be released in approximately one month
Out now is the limited CDR by Canadian metal Rac crossover band Octobre.
Charles M, the singer for Murder In Society, has informed Uprise Direct that the band will finally be recording their debut full length album around the end of September. Keep and eye out for them as they play a hardcore style with heavy punk influences. Check out the band's samples HERE.

A new young group Trattendrang have released an in house demo. The CD features seven titles, and has a playing time of about 18 minutes. The release is limited to 1111 hand numbered pieces together and features a sticker.

From the Saint Petersburg area of Russia comes a new straight edge hardcore outfit Stay True

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