Thursday, April 23, 2009

IN REVIEW: Hardcore Until the End, Bad Fate

V/A: Hardcore Until The End
(2008 Until The End Records)

This compilation album is a MUST HAVE for any die-hard hardcore fanatic, out of the 22 explosive tracks, there isn't any "filler," and all the songs deliver a serious knockout blow. Just glancing at the tracklist should say enough. It is practically the whos who of the scene. Best tracks in my opinion are Eternal Bleeding's "Your Promise, My Heartbreak", Fear Rains Down's "Angels of the Apocalypse", and both Band Of Brothers tracks. Satisfaction guarenteed. ~Steve Skam

01. Daily Broken Dream- Just a fake
02. Daily Broken Dream- XXX
03. Path of Resistance- Hold fast
04. Path of Resistance- Our Time will come
05. 2 Minutes Warning- NS Capitalists
06. 2 Minutes Warning- Fools like you
07. Painful Awakening- Hate keeps me alive
08. Painful Awakening- Fuck your Society
09. Anger Within- A new Age
10. Anger Within- Rebirth of Nature
11. Fear Rains Down- Poison free
12. Fear Rains Down- Angels of the Apocalypse
13. Empire Falls- Time heals nothing
14. Empire Falls- Zero Tolerance / No Compromise
15. Eternal Bleeding- Your Promise my Heartbreak
16. Eternal Bleeding- Life is a new Death
17. Inborn Hate- In the Name of Freedom
18. Inborn Hate- From Friend to Foe
19. Painful Life- Maltreatment of Nature
20. Painful Life- No Escape
21. Band of Brothers- School of Pain and Fear
22. Band of Brothers- My last Breath deletes yourExistence

Bad Fate: Bite Back
(2007 EDA Propaganda)

Bad Fate knows the score. With a perfectly meshed combo of thrash and oldschool hardcore, in conjunction with angry vocals and right wing lyrics, this Italian band manages to capture a uniquely 1984-esque sound. Worth it's weight in gold, the album is sure to please all. ~Steve Skam

01. Grido Vendetta
02. Intifada
03. Assassin
04. Antifa' Qua' Qua' Qua'
05. Hai Perso
06. Eterna Colpa
Next week in review: S.O.L.: The Law Belongs to the Stronger, and NSHC Massacre Vol. 1.

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