Friday, April 17, 2009

Deaths Head, Varg, Profane

Currently, Deaths Head compilation cd "Decompilation" is out now. 14 tracks of hard to find compilation songs and live stuff with a 12 page booklet of photos and band commentary.

Aussie death metal outfit Deaths Head enters the studio next week to begin recording of the Norse myth themed concept album "Baldr". A retelling of the legendary tale of the murder of the god of light and the quest to bring him back from Hel. This will be the second concept album in a row for Deaths Head and a long awaited project for singer Jesse.

Out of Sweden is a new project of Angriff and Titania member Lundsson titled Varg. This release, "Visioner for Miljoner (Visions for Millions)," is limited to 100 CDR copies, at almost 30 minutes of material. Samples of the band are available at Frihetsrock productions HERE.

The music itself is somewhat ambiguous as it has obvious influences from different genres, as well as differing vocal ranges. However, at no point does this melodic project lack interest for the listener.

I happen to be a fan of work produced by these talented group of muscians. With the Varg samples you will notice vocals at points similar to another side project One Day Access. Everything Lundsson creates has excellent production and is of the best quality.

New CD by Profane, titled "Heretique Arya."

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