Saturday, April 11, 2009

Attack vocalist mentioned in news.

Attack frontman Forrest was mentioned in a local Floridian news article describing his enraged presence at an anti-war protest. Forrest reportedly drove past the protest and exited his vehicle to express his freedom of speech. Forrest "...pulled placards out of the protester’s hands and kicked signs out of the ground," while yelling profanities.

According to the article written by Kyle Martin for the Tampa Tribune, "the investigator, Detective Stacy Rodriguez, considered building a case for assault or battery charges, a report shows, but none of the protestors felt threatened enough to justify the crime. In his interview with Rodriguez, Fogarty said he had recently returned from serving 18 months in Iraq and grew angry when he saw the protestors. He regretted yelling obscenities and kicking the signs, but felt he had the same rights to freedom of speech as they did, Rodriguez reported."

There have been no charges pressed against Forrest, however, the organizer has stated if he does not apologize publicly, charges may be filed against him for his actions.

Forrest is commonly known among the scene as a war veteran of the Iraqi conflict, recently serving overseas. While the Iraq war is a subject of debate for many, there is no question that Forrest is entitled to voice his opinion of the current war and such issues. Much of his recent experiences have been lyrical inspiration for the latest Attack album titled "Fade Away."

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