Sunday, April 5, 2009

Eugenik, Antisemitex / Selbstmord, Eingar

After 3 years since the release of "Tag des Raben," Eugenik has released their newest work "Schlactenhall" on LP. The LP features 6 new tracks and is available in blue vinyl and black. Hand numbered, limited posters are also included (number unknown). I look forward to the having the chance to check this release out, as their first release is a personal favorite of mine.

Eugenik's first CD "Tag des Raben" is an excellent album containing many classic black metal elements while also having that unique German RAC influenced black metal. The vocalist Asemit, also of black metal band Totenburg, does a great job of mixing the vocals, which range between two distinct different styles; black metal screaming and clean RAC style, the latter being the dominate. There is great energy and flowing transitions from song to song creating a very epic feel throughout the entire album. This is an obvious result of the tight performance of the musicians. "Tag des Raben" is available in two versions, one being a limited 999 digipak print.

Antisemitex, Selbstmord split titled "We Bring Desolation" on Die Todesrune records, out now. Antisemitex features members of Polish black metal band Martial.

Other news from Die Todesrune records, Eingar has resently joined company to release the band's follow album up to "Quickening Sun." Eingar's 3rd album is scheduled to be released in the near future. Eingar is a solo project from Waffenscholtz of Wotanorden.

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