Monday, April 20, 2009

INTERVIEW: All You Can Kill Buffet records

AYCKB records just released the newest Fear Rains Down on vinyl and not too long ago the Honor tribute on vinyl as well, any particular reason vinyl?
AYCKB likes to put out vinyl records because vinyl's old school. People can't make copies of them and lots of people collect them. Who doesn't like vinyl anyway?

What other releases have you done? Any plans to re-release stuff on CD or strictly vinyl?
We also released Antisystem 7", Honor 7" and Honor Double CD (re-release).

What are some of the upcoming projects you plan or hope to release in the future?
We're currently working with Streetfight Records and O-T Records to release a great RAC album, which will be released on CD and vinyl.

Who do you think are the artists to watch out for as far as up and coming talent?
Germany has the best scene as of today and that's where the best bands come from.

If you could see one band live that you have yet to, who would it be?

A lot of old school guys do not like the hardcore or black metal music scenes and do not view it as progressive. What are your thoughts regarding these strong ever growing genres?
I don't listen to black metal. Hardcore is definitely a move in right direction. We need more bands and more shows like UPRISE. Bands like POR, Moshpit, FRD, Brainwash are my personal favorites in this genre, new bands should be influenced by them.

What do you think of the American scene? How can we improve it?
I don’t think there's a lot to say about American scene, except that we need more shows.

What was the best concert you ever attended? And Why?
I had a great time at 2006 ISD Memorial in Belgium, Razor's Edge and Blue Eyed Devils were on the bill. The show was sold out at about 600 people.

How many games do you think the Devils will take Carolina in? Who do you think will win Philly and Pittsburgh? And who would you want the Devils to play in the next bracket, Rangers or Caps? Devils in 6. Pitt in 5. I'd like to see Devils and "Rags" rivalry again.

Any last words for the readers?
Support your scene and blogs like Uprise Direct. Thanks for the interview.

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