Thursday, April 16, 2009

IN REVIEW: Second Class Citizen, H8machine, Slavia

Second Class Citizen: Demo 2008

Anyone with the slightest knowledge on the hardcore coming out of Germany, knows that is is one of the leaders in the hardcore movement right now. 2NDCC proves it with their 7 track onslaught, filled entirely with pure energy. Best of all they almost have a newer Agnostic Front sound mixed with very melodic bridges that mesh nicely. A must have for any serious connoisseur of the genre. ~Steve Skam
01- Intro
02- 100%
03- The Nature Is Dying
04- Scene Abcess
05- Fucking Slave
06- Hoffnung Und Zuversicht
07- Outro

H8machine: One Less Reason To Smile
(2008 Free Your Mind productions)

If there was a reward for a band that consistanly releases hard-hitting, anger-ladden, yet positive albums...that reward would go to H8machine. On their latest installment you can expect an explosive arsenal of crushing vocals from Dennis who is nicely paired with Joe Frustration (from Tears of Frustration, Last Battalion, and Hatelordz fame). Musically it's oldschool styled and the lyrics are angry, which in my opinion makes this the best release to date. Pick it up if you haven't already, definitly worthy of heavy rotation. ~Steve Skam
01- Burn
02- Back to the Start
03- The Story's Always the Same
04- One Less Reason to Smile
05- A Dollar and A Dream
06- Shame on Me
07- Low Life
08- Hold My Breath
09- Self Hatred
10- Better Days
11- Dont Know
12- Put Your Hands Up

Slavia: End To Peace
(2008 Cause Of Honor records)

Talented Polish hardcore band out of NYC that play more of an oldschool style. To say that these guys took me by suprise with their debut, would be an understatement. What a great sound, a nice blend of mostly English vocals with a few Polish songs. Keep your eyes out for them, their future is very promising. ~Steve Skam
01. Intro
02. End To Peace
03. Take Back What's Ours Think Agian
04. Think Again
05. Warfront
06. This Lie
07. Im Drunk... So Fuck You!
08. Batalia

09. Czerwone Skurwynysy [cover]

Next week In Review, Hardcore Until the End compilation and Bad Fate... Also next week, an interview with All You Can Kill Buffet records.

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