Wednesday, April 8, 2009

REVIEW: 2 Minutes Warning, Tattooed Mother Fuckers

2 Minutes Warning: When Their Statues Fell
(2009 Until the End records)

What a great album that completely took me by surpise. I knew this band had talent after hearing them on various compilation albums but the full length is really their best, hardest hitting material to date. The songs all have a crunchy almost old school tune to them and they sing about everything from globalism, zionism, the NWO, vigilante justice, internet nerds, and so on. I Definitely recommend, pick it up and support the scene! ~Steve Skam
1- Bloody Money
2- Headhunter
3- Sudden Irrational Act
4- Zahltag
5- Coward
6- Forum Fighter
7- Global Epidemic
8- Vigilant
9- Infusion Of False Thinking
10- Swimming With The Tide
11- Nightmare Of The Undead (+ bonus track)

Tattooed Mother Fuckers: The Mother Fucking Army (mini CD)
(2009 Thug Beat productions)

This mini CD reminds me of a beatdown, it starts and finishes brutally, leaving a taste in your mouth that you just want more. As a follower of TMF, I must say I'm very impressed by their latest work. Definitely hard hitting and straight to the point, leaving the listener frothing at the mouth for more. Highly recommended. ~Steve Skam
1- Join Up (Join In)
2- Fuck This, Fuck that, Fuck Everything
3- 3 Things On My Mind
4- I Spit In Your Face
5- So Full Of It
6- Violence Reigns Supreme

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