Monday, March 2, 2009

Outlaw Heroes Standing, Diary of A Dying Nation, My Sanity

From the Russian Federation comes the newest of sXe hardcore bands--Outlaw Heroes Standing (Outlaw HC Squad). The band describes themselves as "Teardown meets Leftover Crack," yet I do not hear that much of the famed crust punk outfit in their style; and their politics are far from the later. From the samples available of OHS, the band sings in Russian but some choruses are sung in English such as "Moscow Beatdown," and the band has great energy. I look forward to picking up a full length.

One People One Struggle records' Non Divine has changed their band name to My Sanity. My Sanity consists of members of Hope for the Weak and Moshpit. There is no reported change in style or direction, yet.

Non Divine was featured on the OPOS "One Family Part 1" split where they debuted their half the split with heavy hitting metalcore as well as an excellent cover of Bound For Glory's hit "Hate Train Rolling."

Another new band which I look forward to hearing more of is Diary Of A Dying Nation. The sample, which I took enjoyment in listening to, leads me to believe the band shares members with some of the other current prominate hardcore bands from Germany. DOADN's style is that of a metalcore outfit, however, at times the bands tends to go back to a traditional hardcore style of catchy riffs and natural vocals with heavy breaks and tight metal riffs mixed in.

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