Saturday, February 28, 2009

Attack, Sniper, material

"Fade Away." the new album from Attack is out now. Released by Rebel Records of Germany. When the band was recently asked about the choice of a German label, the reply was simple, the band wants everyone to access and enjoy their music.

Getting to speak with Chris and the guys briefly at this year's Uprise, they agree the direction of the band is becoming more progressive and less preaching to the choir. Perhaps that is why famed Cannibal Corpse/Deicide guitarist Jack O. joined the band in recording this album?

The overall theme of the album is supposedly based on the lyrics of famed frontman Forrest, while he was touring Iraq with the US military. The photography in the booklet of the CD is by Forrest while in Iraq. We definately anticipate checking out the whole CD soon, and be sure to keep checking back for an upcoming interview with the band.

NYHC band Slavia has added a second guitarist and are in the studio again recording some new material. While the band has not decided on the 2nd release date yet they do have several shows lined up for throughout the year.

Out now on Nordvind records the Finnish RAC veterans Sniper newest release, "On the Road To Vicotry." The record contains 12 songs and with all English lyrics, styles mix between hard rock and powerful ballads.

New album from Sturmtrupp, "Blut Unserer Ahnen," available on Old School Records. Samples are available here.

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