Saturday, March 28, 2009

Code 13, Tri-City Trashed, The Caucazoids

After 10 years since their last performance, Tampa's own Code 13 had a successful reunion show at the annual Saint Patrick's Day concert in Florida this month, is reportedly working on brand new material. Only two of the original members reside in the Florida area, while the vocalist Gideon resides in Australia, causing the long hiatus since their 1999 release of "Blood, Sweat, Beer" on Hatefront records.

Originally the vocalist in Southern Cross and later Blood Oath from Australia, Gideon has not remained stagnant in the least bit during Code 13's long time off. Gideon was involved in many different projects and is reportedly working on something new here in the states, Flack Jacket.

Orange county rockers Tri-City Trashed are working on material for their 2nd full length release. TCT features Roy of Final War, Aggressive Force, Cut Throat, H8machine etc. on vocals, and carries much of that same Final War energy into this project.

The band's first release "One Life" was quite successful in many different circles, however, many people continue to ask about the future of Roy and Final War...

Hardcore pyshcobilly band The Caucazoids, featuring members of Break the Sword and Slay the Beast, have released a CDR 4 song demo including a Platoon 14 cover and the band is reportedly working on new material for a full length album.

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