Friday, March 6, 2009

H8machine, Tattooed Mother Fuckers, Lebensessenz

H8machine reportedly has added a new drummer to the membership of the band. The band is practicing and working on material for upcoming live performances. The band has also recently updated their long stagnent website with an excellent layout, complete band bio and live pictures.

The split album between Tattooed Mother Fuckers and The Gits scheduled to be released has fallen through. The tracks recorded by TMF are now being released seperately on a mini CD under the album title "The Mother Fucking Army," available through Thug Beat Productions. A vinyl version of the release will be available also.

Neoclassical project Lebensessenz has rccently finished some newest material, works 9 and 10. Both pieces were written as personal reflections. Nine is an homage to the artist's father drawing from both good and bad, childhood and adult. Work ten a story of romance.

A side project of Lebensessenz, Feuerberg, is an eclectic ambient / atmospheric using drums and keyboards. The artist describes this specific project as, "music with mixed influences, like Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream, Vinterriket, Vangelis and for sure my own project Lebensessenz." These newest works as well as previous material is available through Lebensessenz mailorder.

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