Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Straight Laced Nightmare, White Wash, Empire Falls Daily Broken Dream

Straight Laced Nightmare is currently recording for their upcoming release with Final Stand records. When we last spoke with Reno, the lead vocalist of the band, he stated that SLN is taking their style in a bit heavier direction then their 2oo5 full length release "The Comfort You Give, Is My Torment."

Speaking of Reno, the White Wash guys have reportedly teamed up with the guys from Attack for a upcoming project together. While we are not sure of the name, we are sure to expect an oldschool hardcore direction from the outfit. White Wash is also scheduled to record a split with Empire Falls in the future.

Spirit of the Old Terror is a new music project of the guys from Empire Falls. All of their releases are limited to 100 hand numbered copies and will never be repressed. The EP includes three new songs by Spirit of the Old Terror, and is hand numbered including many inserts and extras. You can buy the EP for $12 ppd/shipping anywhere in the known world. accept paypal to prophecy1933@hotmail.com

TRACK LISTING: 1) The shot heard around the world 2) Trust No One 3) Domestic Terrorist 4) War Is Inevitable (Empire Falls cover) 5) Way Of The World (Flipper cover) 6) I Hate PC scum (Fortress cover) 7) Obey (experimental noise collaboration with the Agartha)

Daily Broken Dream is scheduled to record their first full length, since the band changed from their original name Race Riot, with Until The End records. The album is rumored to be released later this year.

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