Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Defiance Magazine: New Website

Defiance Magazine appeared online maybe 2 -3 years ago and they have made a name for themselves with some excellent interviews with many bands and people involved in our cog wheel of music, media and more. They recently did a short upgrade to their site and have also posted several new interviews (which also includes an interview with Label 56 :) ). View their new website here. Statement as posted about their new design below-

The web needed the major re-doing so here we go. Still it’s not perfect, and there are some things still in progress, but at least – and for a time – we have web which we are quite satisfied with. As you can see, there is one fundamental and important change. I really wanted to print the 4th issue of Defiance and finally to give you a real magazine – not gonna happen, unfortunately, well…at least not now. We have discarded the PDF netmag for a while, the reason is – we cant get all the stuff in time :( people are busy, we are busy, there is always something. So its gonna be a webmag... DEFIANCE webmagazine... welcome.

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