Sunday, May 27, 2012

Label 56 Indie Radio 2: 5/27/12

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This is the second edition of the Label 56 Indie Radio Show. The show opens up with some discussion on the show format, a quick mention about our street teams, and also the delay in the US music scene show. A pretty good introduction to the pick of the week- Ultima Thule is then discussed leading up to the first song of the show.

From there we go into some of the upcoming release news and play some promo songs. Followed by that are two lengthy music blocks with a short intro for each. As always check our at for more info on our record label as well as any of these bands

Track List:
01. Hel/ Ultima Thule- Valkyriors Dom
02. LSHP
03. Hussar- Father War
04. Henry 8th feat. MCD- Merchant Of Death
05. Eternal Bleeding- Right Doors Have Only One Entry
06. Kill Baby, Kill!- Diversity
07. Tribute To Kreuzfeuer: Deathskull- Aufrecht Sterben
08. Spreegeschwader- Die Presse Lugt
09. Russkiy Styag- Назло врагам (Despite The Enemy)
10. Voice Of Justice- Suicide In Slow Motion
11. Honour Your Blood- The Sound Of The Horn
12. Olaf Jasinski- Stay Strong Brother
13. Selbstmord- Ultracony Glod
14. Eternal Pride- Walk With Us
15. Sturmkaiser- We Are Storm And Legion Of Beast

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