Monday, May 7, 2012

Label 56 Pick Of The Week: Will To Survive

Pick Of The Week 5/6/12: Will To Survive 

With all of the new bands coming out today in the hardcore/ metal arena I wanted to make sure one specifically did not get overlooked. Last year Will To Survive had an excellent 3 song ep released by OPOS Records. This is an “alternative” hardcore band and I would describe it as Eternal Bleeding meets Second Class Citizen. There is a rather diverse sound on this cd with tempo changes from melodic (dare I say emo influenced) to heavy, with clean and harsh (yet not too harsh) vocals both backing each other at times. A great introduction to this band and one of the top released recently. I hope to hear more from these guys soon. Recommended for fans of Eternal Bleeding, Second Class Citizen, Moshpit, etc

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