Thursday, June 11, 2009

IN REVIEW: Last Battalion, Deaths Head, Hate For Breakfast / SPQR

Last Battalion: Where Do We Go From Here

(2004 Resistance Records)

If you're a fan of old school hardcore, with a thrash influence, then you may want to check these guys out if you overlooked them in the past. The CD sounds like something that came out of the early 80's with up to date sociopolitical observations and NS themed lyrics. ~Steve Skam

01- Face The Facts
02- The Aftermath
03- (Where Do We Go From Here?)
04- Ask No Questions, Told No Lies
05- Who Are They?
06- Lost Treasures
07- Our Blood
08- Fantasy's Reality
09- Pay The Price
10- The End Of Another Day
11- Only You

Deaths Head: Kriegslied
(2008 BHS Services)

Pretty interesting & awesome NS metal release from one of Australia's most dominating bands in the movement. What seperates this CD from the other Deaths Head releases, is that this is a concept album that plays like a biography of the Third Reich. Good stuff all the way around and cheers to the DH guys for coming up with something original. ~Steve Skam

01- Sundered
02- First Blood
03- A Nation Reborn
04- Blitzkreig
05- The Red Menace
06- The Leaders Fall
07- Red Rag Over Reichstag
08- Assembly Line Death
09- Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Forever

Hate For Breakfast & SPQR: Play Hardcore Or Die
(2007 EDA Propaganda)

Rad split album from HFB & SPQR of Italy, proving once again the land thats shaped like a boot is one of the leading contributers of NSHC. "Fascist & furious" old school hardcore sung mostly in Italian, with a Judge cover thrown in for good measures. ~Steve Skam

01- Tsunami
02- Mors tua, Vita Mea
03- Lo spirito del '22
04- Belli Come La Vita. Neri Come La Morte
05- Alba (Bete et Mechant cover)
01- Scassina Entra Barrica
02- Donna Cesso
03- Occhio Non Vede Cuore Non Duole
04- Tremino Gli Infami I Traditori E Le Spie
05. New York Crew (Judge cover)

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