Thursday, June 18, 2009

IN REVIEW: Brigade M, Fear Rains Down, Dr. Martin Skinheads

Brigade M: National Revolutionary
(2006 Final Conflict & NetRevProp)

This album is easily one of my favorite Oi-core/ RAC releases of all time. Lyrically, it is cutting edge, with a positive and intelligent message to all Nationalists. Musically it is amazing, due to the adrenalin packed double bass and blast beats. If you haven't picked this one up yet, you should. ~Steve Skam
01- !
02- So What!
03- Mr. WP R&R
04- Destroy All That Destroys You
05- Something's Brewing
06- The Political Soldier
07- 10 Years Agains The Grain
08- Liberal
09- The Netherlands Out Of NATO
10- Internet Informers
11- Hate
12- European Unity
13- Re-immigration Now
Bonus: European Unity- Video

Fear Rains Down: No Turning Back
(2006 Final Stand records)

Awesome up close and personal NSHC album from this band, no matter how many times I listen to this classic, it still holds it's replay value. If you're into realistic lyrics and menacing hatecore/ metalcore with top notch production and somehow haven't picked this one up, get on it. Seriously. ~Steve Skam
01- Intro
02- Burning Flame
03- Downfall
04- Fear Rains Down
05- Never Lose Sight
06- For My Friends
07- Break Free
08- The End Is Near
09- Pictures Of Reality
10- So Cold
11- Impending Doom
12- Outro

Dr. Martens Skinheads: My Hatred
(2000 Ragnarock records)

Angry vocals, a positive message, and a musical sound that would best be described as a fusion between classical RAC, hatecore, and speed metal make this a pretty solid release and definitely something different; worthy of grabbing. ~Steve Skam
01- My Nation
02- For All Traitors
03- I am White (I Have To Fight)
04- My Hatred
05- Kill The Swine
06- Invisible Empire
07- White Roses
08- Fist Of Nation
09- Season Of Lies
10- White Rock & Roll
11- Kosovo for Serbs
12- Victim Of Impartiality
13- God Save Us
14- White Defense
15- Ian Stuart (R.I.P.)

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