Monday, June 8, 2009

Burning Hate, Shed No Tears, Voice of Justice

Burning Hate of Bayern, Germany have reportedly begun work on the newest release to follow the album "This Is the End of Our Days," on Freiheits Klänge records in 2008. There is currently no other available information regarding the sophmore release other than a sample from a rehearsal online HERE.

From Leipzig Germany, long time band Odessa has decided to change their name to Shed No Tears. Over the time members have come come and went so the band felt it time to change the name as styles have shifted. Shed No Tears has been featured on the PC records solidarity sampler previously, but has now released their debut with PC titled "Organized Noise."

The CD features 11 tracks (10 songs), two English and with the rest in German, which comes in at about 40 minutes total.

We had reported that Voice of Justice of Hungary had parted ways with their original vocalist in April. Apparently, the vocalist of Mutilated Truth has decided to fill in the position to which they have recorded and released a sample of the material featuring the new vocals. "Suicide in Slow Motion" is available to check out at HERE. The expected debut is quoted as to possibly "be one of most interesting NSHC CD of this year."

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