Saturday, June 27, 2009

Kroda, Hunor, Gungnir, Bully Boys and H8machine

Ukrainian Pagan metal band Kroda was attacked by Antifa after their gig in Warsaw Poland Thursday.

The attackers demolished the band's car, destroyed the instruments, and seriously injured members of the band. Subsequently, the band was forced to discontinue their mini-tour through Poland, Germany, and Austria.

The Hungarian grind band, Gungnir decieded to support the popular Hungarian webzine Underground Revolution, by giving them a previously unreleased song which can be heard HERE.

Now available at BHS Service: the first full-length CD of the Hungarian RAC band Hunor, called "Küldetéstudat". 10 brand new songs, the lyrics are in Hunagrian.

Several of the scheduled European tour dates for the Bully Boys & H8machine have been posponed for currently unknown reasons. Organizers have not revealed any further information, yet.

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  1. Fuck antifa! these buggers will be fed with their own shit. Hope guys from Kroda get better soon!