Monday, June 15, 2009

Frozen Abyss and Knochenfell

Frozen Abyss, a doom/goth metal band featuring members from several great German bands: Kraftschlag & Brainwash, among several others. I got a chance to check out the CD recently and will definitely be picking up a copy in the near future. This project actually probably explains a large influence in the recent Brainwash release memorializing a lost friend, titled "No More Tomorrow." Which is a great new (unreleased) track by the way; only available HERE.

Frozen Abyss performs a style heavily influenced by later Type O Negative, but still offers their own creativity, and direction. At times I even feel some of the songs remind me of the melodic parts of early Atreyu. The songs are mostly sung in English, and the vocalist has a great voice which to deliver them.
Check the out Frozen Abyss HERE.

Another German metal band worth checking out is Knochenfell. Knochenfell perform a more grove laden death metal with heavy thrash influences and some great technical work to top it off; all without over production. The band is also featured on a new Various artist release by SFH records titled "Dawn of the Antichrist."

"Dawn of the Antichrist" is the newest sampler compilation from SFH records. The CD hosts 13 bands including new material from Permafrost, Annihilation666 and many others...

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