Friday, June 19, 2009

Voice of Justice, 100% Magyar Compilation vol. 2, Filopatria, Sig:Ar:tyr

Out now on Loyalty records, is the debut full length album by Hungarian hardcore band Voice of Justice. The album titled "Eruption of Hate," has a total of 10 tracks; all sung in English. After having the chance to hear the sample, I look forward to checking out this release and seeing if it will live up to the hype.

BHS services has planned 2nd volume of the Hungarian NS compilation "100% Magyar". The label sent an email to every RAC band in Hungary about the new compilation and asked everbody to take part on it; also posting the information on several forums & webpages. It is scheduled to come out in the begining of 2010. BHS Service also plans to make a 2nd voulme for their split series "Egységben az erő" with Utolsó Védvonal, Kitörés and Agresszív Fellépés.
Greek band Filopatria's debut "Αντίδρασης Γενιά" is out now. The band plays an excellent brand of RAC and is quite popular as their release has been anticipated by many.
Earlier this spring Filopatria had the priviledge play with The Bully Boys at Skinhouse Hellas, as well as many other great international acts that have toured through the area.

Coming soon on Morbid Winter records is the re-release of Sig:Ar:Tyr's debut CD, "Sailing the Seas of Fate."

The band has been quoted as "Easily of Canada's best underground bands at the moment." - Unrestrained! Magazine. According to Worm Gear zine, "SIG:AR:TYR is a yet unheard of entity out there in the music world making art for all the right reasons... to reach into the listeners heart and mind and turn their emotions under the artists will."

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