Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jogos Önvédelem, Pushing Onwards & Mutiliated Truth, West Wall, Fehér Törvény

Loyalty Records of Hungary has released the first CD of Jogos Önvédelem. The band is a one-man-project, and has been described as the Hungarian Version of the German band Stahlgewitter. The CD contains 10 tracks, with one Freikorps cover, "Wenn du fühlst."

Hungarian metalcore outfit Pushing Onwards is in studio, to record 4 new songs for a split CD with Mutilated Truth and a currently unknown German band.

Death metal heavy hitters West Wall has released their lastest follow up to the excellent album "Blitzkreig Symphany #1," titled "Conquest Or Death." West Wall features fromer members of Before God and Bound For Glory. Included below is live footage of the band performing this spring.

Fehér Törvény have finished up recording their new album, and only have the mastering left. The graphic work for the album is also ready. The album will hopefully be out in 1 month at BHS Service.

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