Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ultra Sur, Bully Boys, Bad Fate and Blind Justice, Buldok, Against Music Industry, X.x.X., Wiege des Schicksals

Out now at Label 56 is the latest release by Argentinian rockers Ultra Sur. The CD, titled "'Nacido Para Ser Skin," is 11 tracks of Oi / rock that is said to be some of the bands best work.

The newest Bully Boys release, due out on PC records, is titled "Be Careful What You Wish For." Recording for the album were finished in April and the CD is set for release by the end of the summer.

SFH records is announced the release of the both Italian bands Bad Fate and Blind Justice's newest CDs onto one LP. The Vinyl release will contain both "Bite Back" & "That's Not For You" and will be limited to 320 hand numbered pressings. 100 in white 220 in black.

Coming soon on OPOS records is debut CD of A.M.I. (Against Music Industry), which is a side project from Confident Of Victory. I anticipate checking this release out as I feel the COV release was greatly underrated.

Gjallarhorn Klangschmiede is proud to announce their latest release by Buldok titled "Fire and Ice." This CD had been recorded 10 years ago but never made it to production, until now. The CD will include 14 songs, all sung in English, and new artwork.

Out now on PC records is the newest release from long time running band X.x.X., titled "Virus." The release is 13 tracks and come in at about an hour. There is also a limited edition (300 pieces) which includes a tee shirt, button sticker and lanyard of the band.

According to PC records, the special edition package are quite popular purchases and are only avaible while supplies last...

Also out on PC records is the debut release from the young band Wiege des Schicksals, titled "Die Wende naht."

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