Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Label 56 Pick Of The Week: Barbarous Pomerania- Bloody Mystery Of War God

Label 56 Pick Of The Week 4/22/12:  Barbarous Pomerania- Bloody Mystery Of War God

This weeks pick goes to Barbarous Pomerania`s cd Bloody Mystery Of War God. This is the fourth full length from this Polish Pagan/ black metal band. There are 17 tracks total with almost every other track being an intro to the next song. The music is heavy and a bit raw with somewhat distorted guitars and vocals and imo is best described as slow death metal/ war metal with some black metal influence. The songs are filled with sounds of war, clashing swords, battlefield screams, speeches, etc. , some of which are backed by keyboards and folkish sounding instruments. A great cd that includes a video for Cieniom Przodkow as well

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