Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Zagharos/ Iverial/ Aryan Tyrant/ Defrontis- Pagan To The Victory

A 4 way split featuring Zagharos, Iverial, Aryan Tyrant and Defronti is also out now. This is a black metal split featuring Zagharos and Aryan Tyrant from the Netherlands and Iverial and Defronti from Peru.

Track List:

01. Intro
02. Tyrant's In Arms
03. Black Metal Weapon
04. Bestial Carnage
05. Image Of The One

06. Intro
07. King Of Pagan
08. Hate Bloody
09. Black War
10. Triumph Of Holocaust

Aryan Tyrant
11. Intro
12. Purifying March
13. Black Sun
14. Sign Of The Wolves
15. The Fallen Werwolf

16. Intro
17. Command Operation 121200900
18. Dominio Total
19. Sofrimiento De Camada
20. Destruction To The Glory NSBM

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