Sunday, June 12, 2011

Label 56 Support: $10 Challenge

Label 56 has many projects we are working on and we need your help. As with any Independent distro, what we do is only made possible by the support we get from our customers. From now until the end of July we are asking everyone who supports us to make just one purchase of $10. This can be for any item at all (cd, shirt, etc) in our catalog and we have made a $10 ordering button you can use in our catalog. Any items marked less than $10 can be ordered 2 for $10. For example- you can order a 7″ vinyl and any cd marked less than $10, two $8 cd`s for $10, etc. There are over 400 people on our facebook, if everyone was to make a $10 purchase we would be able to do a lot of what we want. If everyone who reads this would make a $10 purchase we would be able to really help push our Independent Music Scene in some very nice ways. Help support Label 56 so we can help support the Bands and the Music Scene!! Please pass this message on and repost to forums.

Thanks, Label 56

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