Saturday, February 22, 2014

Against Commie Bastards

Against Commie Bastards. Out now on Barbatos Productions. 10 band compilation limited to 200 copies.  

    22th February, 1918 is the date, when the heroic Ice March has started.
It was the first march of just generated Volunteer White Army on general M.V. Alekseyev's initiative firstly commanded by L.G. Kornilov and after his death under the command of A.I. Denikin.
This hardest march at the breaking point of possibilities concerned with huge casualties became, contrary to the expectations of exultant reds, the hardening and the new birth of White Resistance.
Generally speaking, firstly it was not an army, but a big officer partisan detachment that included 36 generals, 2103 officers and 1067 privates (467 of them - cadets of the upper school). This is the number of warriors of Russian Imperial Army who assembled at Don after the October Revolution and who decided that they haven't got a right to lay down arms and go to their homes after the finish of Great War that ended as red international's occupation of the Fatherland.
   In spite of high death-rate, the five-thousand armed force, hardened in severe battles, returned from the Ice March. Later the officers who were the members of the First March became the basis of other White Armies. Many books are written about the Ice March an the rank "pervopohodnik", a member of the First March, became on of the most honorary titles in Russian emigration. Because they were the first, who started the White Struggle against the world evil!

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