Friday, March 25, 2011

Looking For Trouble Vol. 3 & Overload

Two new releases out now on MFS

Looking For Trouble Vol. 3- The Firm & The Pride

The 'Looking For Trouble' series continues with in your face Oi! music, this time it's a case of Holland v Belgium. A new school band from Holland is 'The Firm' with some up tempo Oi! music all in English, a band to watch out for. Out of Belgium comes Bruges favourites 'The Pride', bringing some nice hooligan influenced Oi!

Overload- Godkiller

We go punk again with a twist of Oi!

These boys have been around some years and supported a lot of bands on the punk and Oi! scene and bring some hard hitting music of their own. We first noticed them on the 'Oi! Fuck You' release when it was originally released. This release features a number of recording sessions from 2007 onwards, remastered and packaged in a nice 16 page booklet with lyrics, photos and more.

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