Saturday, March 26, 2011

National Hip Hop

Hip hop is a form of music that has been pretty much been shunned by those in our movement and music scene. Even still there have been many musicians and acts that perform this style of music over the years and have used it to spread a message of National Pride. There are now several musicians and acts that have been getting promoed and it looks like it is being accepted as a viable method to the resistance. Personally I do not see a problem with this as long as it is done in a positive manner. We are living in a society where rap and hip hop has been promoted to White youth and there are many who only prefer this kind of music. The left has made their advances into everything they can in order to promote their agenda and I think we need to take a page from their book. Growing up in Baltimore City I have known many whites who only listened to rap music, but these people were still very racially conscious. This style of music may not be for everyone but by ignoring this outlet we are basically shutting out a huge portion of our people and our youth. Just to make a quick example, the Irish rap group House of Pain was huge years ago among many whites (not just those into rap) just because of the cultural aspect they included in their music. In fact I knew several people whose only rap cd in their collection was House Of Pain. I think if we can advance on that a bit more we will really set something off.

N´Socialist Soundsystem - Volk ans Mikrofon "People To The Microphone"

Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3

Makss Damage- Sturmzeichen EP

The six song ep can be downloaded for free on their website here

Concert In Russia

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