Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Xenophobe, Vinlandic - German - Croatian Strikeforce, Vinlandic War Hymns, The Haters

The reported guest guitarist on the up-coming Xenophobe album, "Iceman," is in fact none other than Bid Ed originally of Bound For Glory. While I must admit I have never heard Ed nicknamed this before, it is a great surprise to learn who the supposed "Iceman" is.

Speaking of Big Ed, it seems he is just lending himself everywhere. A brand new three way split from the German label Moloko Versand Plus, features a new side project of Ed, and the one man artist behind The Return of Hyde, titled KG 23, as well as Max Blue and Strong Survive. The CD, titled "Vinlandic - Germanic - Croatian Strikeforce,"

The previously mentioned three way split between Eingar, Kvaanthan and Tyranath is scheduled to be released in August / September on UK based Heidenwut productions.

Out now on Heidenwut productions co-released with At War With False Noise, is nihilistic punk / hardcore The Haters. The release which is over 6 years in the making, is limited to just 300 copies on black vinyl with artwork by Richard Rupenus of The New Blockaders.

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