Thursday, July 23, 2009

IN REVIEW: Moshpit, Pushing Onwards, Blue Eyed Devils

Moshpit: Mirror Of An Unbroken Faith
(2007 OPOS records)

Awesome hardcore/ metalcore debut album from this German outfit. Very professional recording quality, heavy instrumental assaults, and intense/ passionate lyrics are what propels it into my favorite top 10 releases within the past few years. This is one of those albums that will hold it's replay value and eventually be in the "classics" archive. If you don't have it, pick it up. ~Steve Skam
01- Dawn
02- Oppression and Poverty
03- Choke down
04- Bitter Days
05- Ihr oder Wir
06- No one hears me
07- Revolt from within
08- Defeatism
09- TTOF
10- Absent minded
11- Caught between two hells
12- Broke Down
13- I Promised Myself (Bonus)

Pushing Onwards: demo
(Promo 2007)

Really good 5 track demo of this Hungarian metalcore band. Three songs in Hungarian and two in English i found this to be a highly enjoyable listen. If you like heavy music and don't mind a language barrier then maybe you should grab a copy. ~Steve Skam
01- Porba Hulik
02- Media Valyu
03- Felebredes
04- Breeding The Swine
05- Eastern Plague

Blue Eyed Devils: We'll Never Die
(2003 V7 records)

My personal all-time favorite B.E.D. album. This album delivers the goods and i believe was intended to be a "safe" release composed of all the songs that weren't considered "over the top" and could be sold in Europe. With brutal in your face lyrics without being too blatently obvious this a vulgar display of raw hardcore talent at it's finest. 10/10
01- March
02- Retribution
03- Fearless
04- Kill It
05- Wrong Again
06- The Truth
07- What Drives Me
08- Twilight
09- Stand Strong
10 - We'll Never Die
11- On The Attack
12- The Apology
13- Stronger


  1. I have just ordered the Moshpit album from a place called Sverigebutiken, I am looking forward to listen to it, the samples that I have heard sounds really great.

  2. This really is a superb release, which made waves in mainstream circles; all of which were positive responses. I anticipate seeing a sophomore release by the band.