Saturday, July 25, 2009

INTERVIEW: Blood Order Company

We missed last week's interview, simply because I was out of town and by the time I remembered to put it up it was already early Monday morning. Anyways, this interview has been in my inbox for several weeks now and I kept forgetting to post it. So... better late than never, here is an interview with Blood Order Company by Urise Direct's Steve Skam. Sorry guys I didn't forget about you, can't wait to hear the new album!

Blood Order Company's first self titled album was an underground success and well received, what can we expect musically on the follow-up?
Many of the tempos have greatly quickened pace & the arrangements have become more complex...there are a total of eleven tracks including one instrumental. It's fast & sounds like a monster. We have taken more of a hatecore approach to the songwriting this time as opposed to viking metal

Musically you guys are all over the place fusing together viking metal with hardcore, how would you describe your style of playing to someone who's never heard BOC before?
We are a fusion of hatecore & progressive metal with a white nationalist message. The term NS metalcore has been used in reference to our style.

Who are some of the bands you guys cite as influential?
Blue Eyed Devils, Fear Rains Down, Empire Falls, At the gates, Brutality, Death, Dissection, In Cold Blood, Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate, old Metallica, Neurosis, Opeth, Sheer Terror, S.O.D.

What's your favorite band/ bands at the moment?
Amon Amarth, Battlelore, Cataract, Ensiferum, Opeth, Symphony X, Wintersun.

So, aside from the new release any other projects or concepts in the works?
A new Wotanorden & Tyranath will be released soon.

What's your thought's on the importance of Odinism and keeping the faith alive?
We have a great respect for Nordic heritage & tradition. It's definitely very important to keep our history alive so that we can pass it on to future generations.

Anything else you'd like to add?
It's a honour to have the opportunity to contribute to our movement in this way & have others appreciate it. Thank you to all!

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