Thursday, July 9, 2009

IN REVIEW: If We Die Tomorrow, Ultra Sur

If We Die Tomorrow: (self titled)
(2009 OPOS records)

The debut release by this band is quite impressive. With my first listen I quickly noticed that the band draws influences from many different styles and plays like a sort of a who's who of the scene. These guys play rather intense metalcore with bouts of old school hardcore laced through. The very thing that I liked upon first listen, discouraged me later once I played it several times through. The band does lack a stand out performance to call their niche. Musically they are tight and the vocals show quality, however, the drums can get a bit choppy at points.

Regardless of all of this, it is a very solid release for a debut and I truly look forward to more in the future from this band. This limited pressing of 666 copies comes with a pull out poster and a sticker, yet regretfully comes in a sleeve instead of a typical jewel case. ~Doug Sacred
01- Intro
02- Open Your Mind
03- Revolution
04- Resistance
05- Time For Revenge
06- Screaming In Deaf Ears
07- Dirty Whore
08- Wacht Auf
09- Keep Your Distance
10- Shit Talker
11- Betrayed Youth
12- Rise Up
13- Piece of Shit
14- Green-White Oppression
15- Bloody Tears
16- My Crew, My Friends, My Family

Ultra sur: Nacido para ser skin
(2009 Label56 records)

There is a lot of hype around this release and let me tell you here and now that none of it is unwarranted. They caught my attention from the 4 count on the hi hat of song 1 to the last note on song 11. I only understand English and French yet I found myself trying to sing along after the first listen anyhow. These guys deliver a mainly medium to fast paced straight forward old style RAC/Oi sound which is right up my alley. My only regret is not knowing about this band earlier as I was told they have been around for quite sometime. So if you like catchy music and great singalongs (I'm sure if you understand the lyrics they'll be that much better) this is the must buy of the summer. ~Shaun
01- A.H.
02- Trincheras
03- Crucificado
04- N.S.
05- Caido En Combate
06- Fiel Camarada
07- Puño de Acero
08- Hasta la Muerte
09- La Televi-sion
10- Rapado
11- Juan Manuel de Rosas

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