Thursday, July 16, 2009

IN Review: Eugenik, Code 13, Evil Church

Eugenik: Tag Des Raben

Really good viking metal release. This album is sung entirely in German with vocal styles ranging from the classic black metal growl to very melodic singing. Highly recommended as it was recommended to me, this album definitely took me by surprise. ~Steve Skam
Track list:
01- Einklang
02- Tag Des Raben
03- Skaldensang
04- Heimkehr Des Drachenschiffes
05- Ein Wackerer Kerl
06- Schwert An Schwert
07- Thüringia
08- Windes Klagen
09- Asgards Schwarze Boten
10- Wotans Wilde Jagd
Code 13: Blood Sweat Beer
(1999 Hatefront Records)

One of my all time favorite RAC/punk releases ever. This album has been in heavy rotation for years. The album is chock full of rather catchy melodies. Not to mention there's a 4-skins cover for added bonus points. If you somehow overlooked this album in the past you should definitely try and find a copy, well worth the search. 10/10. ~Steve Skam
01- Pillage and Plunder
02- DFF
03- Living Under Zog
04- Stand and Fight
05- Code 13
06- Thunder
07- Die Before Defeat
08- Bring The Hammer Down
09- Loud and Proud
10- Holahoax
11- Family Folk and Faith
12- Evil (4skins cover)
13- Rage
Evil Church: s/t
(2007 EDA Propaganda)

Awesome old school, "Anti-Clerical" hardcore hailing from Italy. Very addictive, a fast-paced arsenal with similar sounds to Hate for Breakfast & Blind Justice, typical of the Italian HC scene. The Slapshot and Madball covers, as well as most tracks, are sung in English; with only a few sung in Italian. Altogether it makes this CD highly enjoyable and one that holds it's replay value. ~Steve Skam
01- War On Paedophile
02- Damned In Black
03- Who Are You?
04- Verona Resiste
05- Sotto Controllo
06- Vatican Business Club
07- Evil church
08- New York City (Madball cover)
09- War On Paedophile (LIVE)
10- No Friend Of Mine (Slapshot cover)(LIVE)
11- Vatican Business Club (LIVE)

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