Thursday, July 2, 2009

IN REVIEW: Kill Baby Kill, Cut Throat, Bouncin' Betty

Kill Baby Kill: Product Of Society
(2009 PC records)

The boy's from Belgium are back with this great follow up to their past 3 installments. This album features the same KBK format and in your face, non-PC Oi! What seperates this album from the previous releases is it's much more personal and a first hand view into the life of the singer. Very good and highly recommended. ~Steve Skam
01- Product Of Society
02- Crocodile Tears
03- Charlie Came Knockin'
04- Change Your Ways
05- Fool's Paradise
06- I'm Still Standing
07- Skinhead Nightmare
08- My Name Is Hate
09- Punk's Not Red
10- Here I Am

Cut Throat: American Nightmare
(2003 Resistance records)

Awesome Misfit's sounding horror punk/RAC album, with vocals to match, featuring some of the guys of Final War. Definitely a unique sound and very good nationalistic lyrics fuel this album from start to finish. If you're looking for something different, this is it. You won't be disappointed. ~Steve Skam
01- The Executioner
02- Dead Or Alive
03- Shed No Tears
04- Grips Of Fear
05- Lost Control
06- Fugitive
07- Loaded Dice
08- Forever Sail Away
09- Darkest Hour
10- American Nightmare

Bouncin' Betty: Hard Rock Happens
(2008 Coffinrot records)

Awesome old school styled hardcore from some pretty well known guys, from throughout the American scene, that have been making some good tunes for several years now. This is a well executed debut album that holds it's replay value... not to mention they cover "Safety Dance", making it an instant classic as I must admit, the song is pretty damn catchy. ~Steve Skam
01- L.D.N.Y.F.S.
02- Lunatics On Parade
03- Lies
04- Road To Rage
05- Break Down Walls
06- El Hepracabra
07- Bouncin Betty
08- Chosen Me
09- Stick In The Mud
10- Outside Looking In
11- Krupnik
12- Gimpy Strapon
13- Frank N Beans
14- F.Y.L.
15- Pity Pimp
16- Safety Dance
17- Stronger
18- Hard Rock Happens

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