Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lundsson, Xenophobe, Paranoid

On Friday Lundsson, the creative artist behind Angriff, Titania, Varg, and numerous other projects, announced the that after almost ten years he is discontinuing work in all band projects. Lundsson states that he will continue to pursue music personally, but has no interest in managing any of the previous mentioned projects.

As a personal fan of much of Lundsson's work, I do hope that he continues to create art and provide meaningful music for his fan base; irregardless of band title.

New Zealand's first nationalist metal / rock band, Xenophobe, will be releasing their first full length album on Blood Sacrifice productions.

The album has original guitarist Rob (who is now no longer in the band) playing rhythm and some lead guitar tracks on some songs.. There are also 4 tracks on the album, which will feature lead breaks from thrash metal guitarist, "The Iceman" from the USA. the band hopes to have the album released in June / July 2009.

A new act from Germany, Paranoid, is currently working with OPOS records and has some sample material available HERE. There is currently no information available as to sharing members from other bands or regarding release dates.

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