Monday, June 21, 2010

Estirpe Imperial Interview

Below is an interview with Spanish band Estirpe Imperial from 2009.

Could you just tell us about the history of the band, and what Estirpe Imperial means?

Estirpe Imperial was born in the far year of 1991. Shortly after we released what would be our first album, a vinyl record that included four songs that would take the name of the band.
The years passed and we were recording the sale and taking the rest of our albums and we participated in international compilations. Estirpe Imperial has had too many stories throughout his 18 years of gait.
To be an expert on simple way the meaning of Estirpe Imperial, we prune to say that it is a question of our conquering and imperial origin, the pride of our lineage and nation.

Your music is different from usual RAC and Oi!, it’s a way more musical. How would you describe your style?

Always we have been, musically speaking, near the metal music that of the classic sounds of the bands of RAC/Oi!.

What topics do you speak about in your lyrics?

Our lyrics speaks about love to the motherland, about pride, of values that have got lost, of sacrifice and delivery...

You have played gigs all over Europe, but especially with Italian bands… where did you have the best shows? And what are the funnest band you’ve met?

One of the gigs in that more comfortable we have been was the Summer Fest of 2007. We were covered by many comrades who came from Spain to meet and it made us fell us like at home. Besides we share the scene with good bands.

You have a slogan, la calle esta nuestra, (‘the street is ours’), what do you mean by that?

"La calle es nuestra ("The street is ours"). It is the title of a song that one speaks about the presence that we had in the streets years ago and that today we have lost. One speaks about unit of the different forces to recover this so necessary presence in the streets of our cities.

How is the skinhead scene like in Spain? Are there many gigs, organizations, supporters?

In Spain as elsewhere in Europe and in the world, there is a skinhead scene more or less organized and stable. They organize gigs, conferences, demonstrations... they fight for their honor and future.

What is the political/social situation in Spain?

In Spain and throughout the world we are immersed in a great crisis. The system has failed and they do not want to realize. This has just started and people are furious.

And what are your future projects?

We wish to record our next album this year and assist with everything that we look good.

Anything else to add?

Thank you very much for the interview and a salute to all our fans.
¡La calle es nuestra!

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