Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ricks Pick- Freedom For The Nationalists

Once again it has been awhile since I have posted a pick of the week. For now on I intend to post one at least every other Saturday if not every Saturday. This pick goes to the newly released Freedom cd compilation released by S-Crew Records.

This cd is " the collection that is musically and lyrically the wrath of a large group of people to oppression patriotic and nationalistic place in Greece and beyond. Especially in recent days, the depression turns to boomerang against state and para-and thousands of our compatriots to play them all for all for the survival and dignity of our nation, the expression in the music seems necessary than ever. The title of this cd then "Ελευθερία - Freedom - Liberte - Freiheit - Libertad", in the languages of groups participating"

We just got this cd in at Label 56 and it is a great collection of worldwide bands ranging in every style of music possible in our music scene, and of course it is also done for a great cause. In an effort to get this cd out to people Label 56 is currently offering this cd for only $10 here. Pick it up, you won`t be disappointed.

Track List:

01. Spirit Of The Patriot - The future of Hellas (04:34)
02. Snake Eggs / Max Resist - Eleftheria (02:46)
03. Straightline - Freedom (04:50)
04. Jan Peter - Haltet stand (04:18)
05. Faustrecht - Europe' battle hymn (03:14)
06. Brigada 1238 - Reconquista (03:17)
07. Dernier Guerrier - Enferme (02:32)
08. Daily Broken Dream - Choose your life (03:08)
09. White Resistance - White rock'n'roll outlaws (03:19)
10. Axis Mundi - En su nombre (02:50)
11. Max Resist - Work for progress (02:56)
12. Final War - A new day arises (03:05)
13. Kasus Belli - Mi vida mi ruina (03:11)
14. Filopatria - Avridpaong yevia' (04:01)
15. Burn Down - Gute Reise (02:56)
16. Aryan Brotherhood - Auge in Auge (03:07)
17. Die 3 Von Der Tanke - Das Frьhstьcksbier (04:29)
18. Painful Awakening - Paranoid (02:52)

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