Thursday, June 3, 2010

Barny and MPU

Two new cd`s out on OPOS Records are MPU- Bootboys Der Alten Schule and Barny- Liebe, Treue, Heimat

MPU is a new band featuring the vocalist of White Rebel Boys as well as collaborators in RAC'n'Roll Teufel and White Resistance

Barny- Liebe, Treue, Heimat is a rock ballads cd and is the first solo cd of Barny himself. Barny has played in many groups throughout the years as well as given performances as a solo artist. Covered on the cd are "1945" by Fyrdung with German words, "Change of Scenery" from Nordic Thunder, and "Ode to a Dying People"

Mp3`s from both cd`s can be found on the OPOS site in the link above

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