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Mortuary Interview

The following interview is with German deathcore band Mortuary. It was originally posted on Aryan Music News Blog. Visit their website here.You can visit Mortuary on my space here

Hello for now. Meanwhile, despite numerous live performances you are likely some readers still do not know. So please tell us once you something about. When you've established you? Have you ever played in other bands? Etc. ...

Hello first, we have established in January 2009. Our second singer (Mumme) is then in the summer to come. Yup, we had already the pleasure to play with the following bands: Painful Life, Civil Disorder, Daily Broken Dream, Burning Hate, Second Class Citizen, 2 minutes warning, Fight Tonight, IWDT, Painful Awakening and others.

On myspace you have already made a song online. It is titled "Country Killer"? Which issue is behind the dubious name?

In our song "Killer Country", it's about capitalism (exploitation of man by high finance and globalization).

Musically you is quite clearly in the direction of Grind and Death Core? What groups have particularly inspired you, and what was the impetus, direction to play this music?

Yes thank you, that you can hear you. On our way to us the following musical bands have very influenced: "Cap De Crania, Waking the Cadaver, the grindcore kings, Dying Fetus, The Juliet Massacre, Job For A Cowboy, Annotations Of An Autopsy and many more. Above all, it was extremely important to us to make music we listen to ourselves and one style of music to embody that there is not yet in our movement.

Another scene bands that claim Grindcore to play more on Growling (ie the deep grunt) put while, you go one step further and includes quasi Pig Squeals with a song in. How long has your singers practiced this technique to master guttural and especially how much this is at the expense of the vocal cords?

So first of Benni has a cool metal voice brought to us in the band. From sample to sample, he rose and came after a few months with a deep Brreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Our Mumme, the madman, has grunted from the beginning seem to right! I just hope the two can talk even in deep old age.

From Mortuary Although there are no compressed song, but still have a variety of merchandise stuff, like Truckercaps and shirts. What are the requirements of these pieces and where the border is with you on the subject merchandise? Calendar, underwear, belts? Custom truly a thing?

Until now we had to make 30 caps for us all, friends, and when the demand was there. The shirt is only a first draft, there is virtually still on ice. On the subject of calendars, underwear and belts. Of which we do not believe, you do not need to exaggerate.

Particularly striking is with you the very professional graphic work that your clothes and your logo is reason to? Who stands responsible for this? Makes your own all the graphic stuff?

Our graphic things, we owe Richard Manson and Major Williams. At this point, thanks again to you guys! You make your work really great.

So, now out with it. When will one of you album, a split, an EP or something like that?

Haha ... It is planned in the future a lot of us, but we tell it yet.

Some of your concerts have you been together with RAC bands. Bothers you not this strong musical difference? How do the visitors of a rock concert right on your music?

Oha ... no, no case to disturb us that because we like to fall on and break ranks. The people react mix to us. Some are pleased, shake, and the other the head and grin.

You will now compelled Travel Tips for your state of Saxony-Anhalt to name a few. So where can and do hold the Travel-Nazi in order to explore a few interesting things?

So here in Haldensleben there are dolmens, Hiller in life are still some buildings will receive the Army and in the Colbitz-Letzlinger Heath still see the barracks, which was quartered including Joseph G..

Politically, do you think you like many bands NSHC overcast. You do not cast with the typical symbolism for you, but is rather the mainstream way. How far you find yourself at all as a political band, and you can even assign a definitive stock?

We see ourselves very clearly as a political band! As our thoughts, emotions, and to our positions in our texts reflects, with which we in turn stimulate the people and their thoughts and to move! "The ideas are free"

In recent years, music has in the national field of music to download increased greatly. Some albums are already on the first day of sales on the net for illegal downloading. What do you think? Nor has the spread of what to do with the music?

There's just sad that the people of all "pull black" and therefore nothing to invest for the movement.

Now we come to the end of this interview. I hope the few questions you have fallen. You can now your words to conclude this conversation with.

Thank you for the interview and for your interest in our band!

The Word they still shall let
no thanks, and to have;
Plan he is good with us on the map
with his spirit and gifts;
they take us to the body,
Honor, child and wife,
Let all go,
They have got to 's no profit:
the Reich must still remain with us! "
Hermann Lons, The Werewolf

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