Saturday, May 23, 2009

Under the Black Sun, Nessuna Resa, Metacore

We will be providing band information as well as show reports regarding the Memorial Day concert in Virginia, later this week.

Under The Black Sun is a new group from Germany. This new band has a great heavy rock sound, with great powerful vocals, almost mainstream airwave friendly sounding at times. UTBS samples are available HERE. The debut album from Under The Black Sun will include ten tracks, and most likely be titled "Hate Rock."

New Italian rock outfit outfit Nessuna Resa have are in the process of recording a 5 track demo entitled "New Meaning of Misanthropy."
The band hopes to follow up the demo with a split release and is currently lookinh for other bands to participate in that goal. Contact Nessuna Resa HERE.

Hungarian hardcore / metal outfit Metacore have recently added a new singer an guitarist to the band. Check 'em out HERE.

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