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INTERVIEW: Fear Rains Down

Interview with Bob of Fear Rains Down courtesy of Kostas and Terra Patria online zine.

Hello Bob! At first, thank you in advance for this small discussion, it's an honour for us to make it with one of the most realised musicians of our scene. So, let's talk a bit about your newest band, which is "Fear Rains Down". Before that, could you please tell me why Teardown ended up?
Yes, my newest band is called Fear Rains Down. We've been playing together for a few years now. As for Teardown, that was started from the remains of Blue Eyed Devils. Initially, the singer from Blue Eyed Devils (Drew) was singing for Teardown. We recorded a mini-CD with Drew, but soon after we went different ways, we got a new singer Ron. We played a few years with Ron singing, and recorded our full-length CD with Ron. Unfortunately, after several years and many great shows, the band members of Teardown went in different directions. Like all bands, Teardown eventually came to an end, and it is mostly because the band members went in different directions in life. Towards the end of the time with Teardown, the drummer from Teardown (Sean) and I formed Fear Rains Down with some members of the band Daily Broken Dream (originally called Race Riot). Eventually Teardown ended, and I focus only on Fear Rains Down now.

...And we reach nowadays, with a strong and talented group like FRD, a band with members fron three countries. So, where do you practice????
Initially, the members of Fear Rains Down was the drummer and guitarist (me) from Teardown, and the singer and bassist from Daily Broken Dream. But, since the formation of Fear Rains Down we have changed a few members. Only the singer of FRD (Christoph) and myself are the original members of FRD. We have now a new drummer (Balint) and a new bassist (Plansch). Right now, the members are from 3 different countries: USA, Germany, and Slovakia. Usually we practice in Germany because it is easiest for everyone. We only practice a couple times per year because it is hard for everyone to come together. But, with the internet and computers, it is easy to record music and exchange ideas so we know what the music and lyrics are going to be before we ever practice the songs.

Well, tell me a few things about the history of the band, so as to introduce yourselves to the comrades in Greece...
Well, I guess I just gave a brief history of the band above. We've been playing for a few years, and have been through a few different members. Currently, the line up is:
Balint - drums
Plansch - Bass
Christoph - Singer
Bob - Guitar
All of the members except me (Bob) currently play in other bands. Christoph and Plansch both play in the band Daily Broken Dream, and Balint plays in a metal band (I forget the name, forgive me Balint!) [Before The War]. I used to play in many bands in the past, such as Nordic Thunder, Blue Eyed Devils, and Teardown, but right now I only play in Fear Rains Down.

So, Would you say Fear Rains Down is at the right place right now? Are you guys happy with that?
Yes, I think FRD is at the right place at the right time. We are playing a more metal/hardcore style, and I like it very much. Throughout my musical career I have always tried to stay at the forefront of the music scene. I think FRD is also at the edge of the music scene, bringing the heavy hardcore/metalcore style to the NS scene. I think we are all happy with the direction of FRD. I only wish we could practice more and play more shows.

"Bury their Rules" is your latest work, and it is about a limited vinyl record. Please give us some points of the basic process until this release.
Yes, we recorded a few songs in 2007, and release 2 on a limited vinyl "Bury Their Rules" (available at Final Stand records) and 2 on the compilation CD Hardcore Until the End. Those were very good songs...very heavy hardcore style. I think we are still progressing more and trying to write more interesting and heavy music.

NSHC is getting stronger these years, both in Europe and USA. Who in the new rash of all these bands comes closest to representing the true sound of the scene?

Well, here is a list of some of the bands I think are very good and are at the forefront of the hardcore and metalcore scene:
Blood Order Company
Daily Broken Dream
2 Minute Warning
Path of Resistance
Feher Torveny
Hate For Breakfast
Empire Falls
Eternal Bleeding
Painful Life
I'm sure there are a few more, but those come to my mind right now.

Since you have been playing for over than ten years, what advice to do you have for the newbie?
Well, when I first started in Nordic Thunder, I took a lot of influence from the band Bad Religion. I studied the they were organized and written. I still do that today. When I hear a new band, I study the music. I try to find out what makes a band and a song good. I always ask myself why one band is better than another. I try to see and hear what makes a song and a band the song is written, how the parts flow together, etc... So, I suggest that if someone is new and trying to start a good band, that they also listen to bands they think are good and try to hear and understand WHY a band is good. What do they do in their songs that make them sound good. It is OK to take influence from a band, but it is not OK to copy a band. Once you can understand why a song is good, then you will gain that ability to write good songs. Be humble and accept opinion and criticism. Always try to better yourself.

Last October, you played at Skinhouse Hellas! Tell me a few things about the whole experience from your small trip in our country, and of course about the music section of this night.
I have to say that I was very impressed with Greece, and especially with the Skinhouse Hellas. It was a very nice clubhouse, and everyone was very friendly and welcoming. The crowd response for FRD was great, and I hope we can play again in the near future! We all really enjoyed and appreciated the friendship with everyone involved with the organization of the concert. The country of Greece was very nice, and had a lot of interesting things, and I hope that the next time we are there we can stay much longer and experience more of the Greek culture.

Do you know anything about the political incorrect scene in Greece (movements, bands, action etc.)?
Well, of course we all know of the band Iron Youth. I think this is one of the most popular bands from Greece. We also know of the organization Golden Dawn, as well as the crew with Skinhouse Hellas. We also know of some of the other bands in Greece that are newer to the scene. I think that the scene in Greece is a decent scene and seems to be strong despite the problems with the reds and government.

And how is it going in your country? Are there any reliable organisations nowadays?
As for the USA, there are not many reliable organizations. Some of the better ones are KSS, Hammerskins, National Alliance, and various small state skinhead groups. The scene has gotten small and fractioned in the USA. However, I see more and more "mainstream" people becoming more sympathetic to our cause since finally they experience the double-standard and hardship against whites that the country has been pushing for many years.

Any plans for the future for Fear Rains Down and you personally?
We hope to continue playing shows and writing new music as Fear Rains Down. We are trying to push the style of the NS hardcore scene, and are taking influence from more metalcore bands. So, we may go a bit in the metalcore direction. As for me, just work and family and continually trying to better myself as a person.

A few words about the following:
Murder Squad - Well, I know many people think this is the best Blue Eyed Devils CD, but I think Holocaust2000 was the best BED cd. The Murder Squad CD was raw and had a lot of catcy, interesting songs. But, I think Holocaust2000 was more refined and polished, and had a better sounds with more well-writting and heavier songs.

Straight Edge - Great for the NS cause. Too much drinking in the scene is just negative. I've been straight edge for over 12 years. I feel it has made me a better person since I feel healthier and more focused on life.

Keystone State Skinheads - Great group of guys. They a friendly and well-organized, and believe strongly in the cause. I think they are one of the best skinhead organizations.

Joe Rowan - Of course, someone who I will never forget. He was very dedicated to the cause. He was a great guy - fun to be around and very friendly. He will always be missed and never forgotten.

Barrack Obama - Well, I think it's a turning point in the USA that a black now runs the country. The USA will never be the same. But, there is so much immigration and fucked up laws in this country that it will never be the same anyway. I think Obama is an intelligent person, and speaks very well. Some of what he says makes sense, but he still is not of our race and culture, and that is the bottom line. I think he would be a great leader for countries in Africa, but whites should govern whites, and blacks should govern blacks, and etc.... Separate countries for separate races.

Thanks again Bob, I hope to meet you again soon. Racial regards and greetings, last words are yours...
Thank you Kostas for the interview. Greetings to all the great guys and gals in Greece. We hope to be there again soon. Stay Strong and never give up the fight.

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